Australia boasts of a very fine and high level of education and therefore it is a favorite amongst international students from all over the world. The Australian education system is very well respected and its qualifications are recognized worldwide. It has an impressive list of world class Colleges & Universities. All of Australia’s Education and Training institutions offer high quality, internationally relevant courses because Australian Government legislation requires them to be registered and meet quality assurance measures so that international students in Australia and their parents enjoy a level of service and financial protection that is unrivalled. Excellence in teaching, research, facilities and support services is found across Australia’s diversified education and training system. The IELTS (Academic) or Pearson Academic Test are the preferred ones for Australian institutions to measure the level of English of international students in seeking to study in Australia.

Multicultural Australia is a safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society in which students can learn and travel in an English speaking country. Australia also offers excellent value for money and a high standard of living.

Australia is an international leader in safeguards and support services for international students. Specialist services for international students are well resourced, quality assured and can be enjoyed in a safe and welcoming society. Australian institutions are sensitive to religious and cultural needs and provide a range of support and monitoring services to help deal with settling into a new environment, the practicalities of living in Australia and completing studies.

To be granted a Student visa in Australia, you must show that you have enough money to pay for living expenses, education costs and travel for the duration of the course. You can apply to work part-time after you have commenced your studies in Australia, but the money you earn should not be used as your only source of income.

If you intend to study in Australia, you will need to apply for the Student visa (subclass 500)

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